libby mcmillan henson


Greenville resident Libby McMillan has enjoyed a long career as a writer, editor, and online marketing specialist. From planning content for USA TODAY to running her own consulting firm, she has always enjoyed working in the digital world. Libby finds special joy in helping small business owners beat their business stress by leveraging the power of websites, social media and other digital marketing tools. In her spare time, she travels often with her husband Joe, entertains, plays tennis, researches geneology, and goes to hear live music. Libby wrote and published a book called "The Ultimate Greenville Relocation Guide." She's also helped her parents transition through downsizing, cross-country moves, a terminal illness, estate closure and caregiver decisions for the surviving partner. 

Ask Libby about: 

-Web services (websites, online ads, social media, texting clients from a landline)

-Decluttering and downsizing / relocation / estates

-Preservation of family histories 

-Oklahoma football!

-The Great Southwest

linda kirkpatrick


Ohio-born Linda has spent her career in the apparel business, both as a retail department store buyer and as an executive in various manufacturing companies. She now owns and manages a retail consulting firm, helping businesses grow their bottom line. Linda's expertise is product development, so she's especially interested in what makes a product sell. She is adept at zeroing in on what a company needs to do in order to adapt, thrive and grow, and is a big believer in quality products.  Linda says she's at a point in her life where she is rejuvenating herself, so she's focused on anti-aging, health and nutritional products, and achieving optimum wellness in her 60s and beyond. Linda organizes an annual spa weekend event for her BBFs and enjoys boating on Lake Hartwell with her husband.  

Ask Linda about: 

-wellness over 60

-CBD oils

-travelling for work

-eliminating debt  

-her dog Bella 

kim donegan


Lifelong Upstate resident Kim Donegan has always tapped into her natural skills and followed her passions. A single mom, Kim leveraged her mechanical abilities in the manufacturing world for many years. Despite regular exercise, her physical career took its toll, so she followed her passion for wellness and got certified as a trainer and wellness advocate. Kim still works out six days a week, and twice a year, does a personal detox. She's focused on creating a legacy of helping people change and improve their own lives. The American opioid crisis impacted Kim's family, furthering her commitment to helping others embrace a healthy lifestyle.  

Ask Kim about:


-absorption of vitamins

-supplements (including for 50+)


-country music 

-her she-shed!

patric phillips


Actor, playwright and director Patric Phillips has been a regular fixture on the southeast theater scene for several years. Patric has honed his theatrical chops in classes and on stages from the United Kingdom to New England to the Carolinas. He avoids daily drama, however, and can often be found within the serenity of Southern Om hot yoga studios, where he’s part of the management team. Patric is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, having completed 200 hours of training. He truly enjoys helping women and men improve the quality of their lives.

Ask Patric about: 

-doing side planks

-The Suzuki Method

-mens’ skincare

-Violin lessons! (10 years experience)

-Muffin (his dog, not the food)